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Are you looking for an exceptional therapist during these difficult and uncertain times?

Southeast Psych is here to help. Our team offers teletherapy and in-office counseling so you can get the support you need. You can choose to experience therapy from the safety and comfort of your own home (just click the link we send to your phone or computer!). Many of our top-notch clinicians will make arrangements for you to safely visit our office for face-to-face therapy.

Southeast Psych can now help children, teens, and adults not just in the greater Charlotte area but also throughout the entire state of North Carolina.

We are committed to providing the highest quality mental health care to you. Our clinicians are experts in their fields. They are highly trained and experienced with counseling for depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, self-harm, suicide, learning challenges, and many other issues.

Our clinicians and staff are easily relatable and have warm and engaging personalities.
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