Aspire inspires and serves people on the autism spectrum, believing in the gifts of the uniquely wired mind. We are a group of clinicians who are passionate about collaborating with people on the autism spectrum. We offer a wide range of services across the lifespan for children and adults, families and groups, parents, and couples.



Aspire offers comprehensive evaluation for children and teens. We provide thorough, detailed assessment of a child’s areas of strength and needs to aid in educational and treatment planning. Evaluations are useful for initial diagnosis if there are concerns about a child’s development or learning as well as follow-ups to determine whether a child’s needs are being met in education and treatment services.

  • Evaluations for children from toddlers to young adults
  • Process includes parent interviews, parent and teacher questionnaires, and direct testing with the child/client
  • We provide a comprehensive, detailed report with findings and recommendations
  • Diagnostic information to help answer questions such as, “What’s going on?” or “Why is this happening?”
  • Learning profile to target educational strengths and needs

Individual Therapy

Aspire provides a safe, fun place for building partnerships with caring therapists. We offer support for individuals, parents, siblings, couples/marriages, and families. Whether there are particular challenges that need to be addressed, or if it would just be helpful to have someone listen, Aspire is here to help.

  • Caring clinicians partner with clients and families
  • Support for parents, couples/marriage, and individuals
  • Social skills/Life skills, educational advocacy, emotion regulation, targeted behavior change, goal-setting
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), behavior modification, social skills groups, family therapy


We at Aspire know that every parent wants the best for their child, to see their child feeling happy and confident, to know that their child can be successful in life. We are here to support parents on that journey.

  • Consultation about how to respond to challenges and encourage positive change
  • Strategies to make things easier at home
  • School placement and educational advocacy
  • Support from other parents who have had similar experiences


Aspire offers a place for people on the spectrum to seek marital support and consultation. All relationships take work, and sometimes it helps to have a neutral party act as a “sounding board.”

  • Developing a deeper understanding of how spectrum features impact marriage
  • Resolving conflict in a healthy way
  • Listening to and understanding another’s perspective
  • Communicating honestly and effectively
  • Working together to address concerns within the relationship

Life Skills/Social Skills Groups

Aspire’s social groups and programs elevate and celebrate the differently wired mind. We provide a safe, inspiring, fun and magnetic space to build community and confidence in navigating our social world. We serve families, schools, communities, and workspaces to help our clients reach goals and dreams they’ve only imagined. Please contact our Group Coordinator, Britny Kirsner, for more information about how we can serve you and your family through groups. Ways to Engage:

  • Parenting Your Aspie Support Group (Free!)
    • Meets the first Wednesday and Saturday of the month @ 10:00am (September – May)
    • Meets at our Southpark office and registration is not required
  • Social Skills groups with:
    • Dr. Gaskill – ages 9-11, 12-14, 15-18, and adults
    • Dr. Bolton’s SuperGirls – grades 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th
    • Mary B. Moore – ages 5-10
    • Josh Jensen – groups for adolescent boys
  • Summer camp for all ages
  • Dr. G Aspie Show

Support Group Parenting Your Aspie Support Group is a free support group for spectrum parents/caregivers which meets on the first Wednesday and Saturday of the month. We meet from 10:00-11:00am at our Southpark office. Join Mary B Moore (Wednesdays) and Dr. Kelley Bolton (Saturdays) as they offer parents a welcoming and supportive space to share their thoughts and experiences with others who have “been there”, ask questions, learn about resources, and obtain helpful information from special guest speakers. Click here if you’d like to be added to the Parenting Your Aspie Support Group newsletter. School Advocacy

Aspire helps clients and their families advocate for the support they need in their daily lives.

  • Developing and implementing 504 plans (accommodations only for students with a condition that affects 1 or more life activities) or IEP’s (involve Special Education and involves specialized instruction for students who qualify)
  • Darci Carter’s specialty as a parent advocate in school team meetings
  • Educational consulting, including school placement
  • Tutoring
  • Vocational
  • Community — Finding resources and support within the community


AspieCon is everything you love about comic book and pop culture conventions, combined with the best aspects of a community resource fair. It celebrates the incredibly diverse interests of individuals on the autism spectrum while also providing valuable resources and support for our awesome Aspies and Auties, their families, and their friends.  This interactive, “out of the box” event is dedicated to building a strong community and empowering individuals on the autism spectrum.  All are welcome to experience our world! To learn more about AspieCon, visit our website, and follow us on social media (TwitterFacebook, and Instagram)!


Dr. G’s Lemon Continuum

Dr. G describes the Autism spectrum as The Lemon Continuum (©2007). Imagine a glass of water, a glass of water with a side of lemon, lemon flavored water, lemonade, a lemon, and a lemon farm. The lemon continuum is less and more but never bad. How much lemon is in the water helps one understand where an Aspie may fall on the “Lemon Continuum.” An example of a “lemon farm” individual would be Sir Isaac Newton or Andy Warhol, while lemonade is the actress Daryl Hannah or the pro surfer, Clay Marzo.

Max Gamer