Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Current Groups

Southpark Location

To sign up or get more information on Southpark Groups, contact our Groups Coordinator, Brandi Risley, at 704-552-0116 or email

SuperGirls Groups beginning September 27th

Elementary: Learn and practice social skills and self-regulation through crafts, games, and play.  Particularly suited for children who are having difficulty managing behavior and social interactions. 

  • Kindergarten-2nd: Mondays, 4:00-5:15pm (led by Ms. Hannah Hollett and Ms. Eva Taishoff)
  • 3rd-5th: Mondays, 5:30-6:45pm (led by Ms. Eva Taishoff and Ms. Hannah Hollett)

Middle and High School: Through games and activities, discussion, service projects, and group outings, the girls will learn how to develop and maintain positive relationships, understand important social concepts, and build self-confidence alongside social confidence.                                                       

  • Middle School: Mondays, 5:00-5:50pm (led by Dr. Kelley Bolton)
  • High School: Mondays, 6:00-6:50pm (led by Ms. Meghan Yoho and Dr. Kelley Bolton)

Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Group with Leslie K. Maitri Canniff, LCMHC

Ages 21 & up: Tuesdays, 5:30 – 7:00pm

10 sessions

The “Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Group” is for those individuals that are struggling with stress and want to heal from past and current adverse experiences, including trauma. It is a complement to individual therapy and is informed by our current understanding of the neurobiology of trauma. We will learn skills that support better functioning by increasing awareness of how our nervous systems are experiencing stress and responding to both real and imagined threats in our environment. Group members will learn and practice a variety of principles and practices, including mindfulness and self-compassion skills, as they begin to carve out new pathways and consciously make new choices in response to life’s challenges. 

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Ballantyne Location

Registration is now open! To sign up or get more information, contact our Office Coordinator, Jessica DiBiase, at 704-970-4791 or email

The Self-Rescuing Princess – Dungeons & Dragons Group

10 Sessions

Who: Girls ages 11-15, Girls 15-19, Women 20 and up

Time: 11 to 15 years: Wednesday 5:15-7:15pm
15 to 19 years: Thursday 4:00-6:00pm 101 Level
15 to 19 years: Thursday 6:15-8:15pm 201 Level
20+ years: To Be Determined

Ballantyne Location

Other: Minimum enrollment of 4 maximum of 6

Table-Top Role Playing Games (TT-RPG’s) are starting to be more recognized for their therapeutic benefits. The
Self-Rescuing Princess group is the only one of its kind in the county. We use the TT-RPG game Dungeons and
Dragons (D&D) to help teach young women how to work together, build trust, engage in planning, learn boundary
setting and self-advocacy.

Three, soon to be four, different groups will be offered, younger girls ages 11-15, SRP 101 for girls ages 15-19 who
are new to the group and playing, and SRP 201 for girls ages 15-19 for more experienced players. We also have a
wait list to start a group for women ages 20 and up!
All needed materials will be provided.