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Current Groups

Southpark Location

To sign up or get more information on Southpark Groups, contact our Groups Coordinator, Lindsay Stewart, at 704-552-0116, option 3 or email

SuperGirls Groups

Starting the week of September 11, 2023 at our Southpark Location with Dr. Kelley Bolton and Ms. Meghan Yoho

  • Elementary School Girls (3rd-5th) – Tuesdays at 5:00pm with Dr. Kelley Bolton
  • Middle School Girls – Mondays at 5:00pm with Dr. Kelley Bolton
  • High School Girls – Mondays at 5:00pm with Ms. Meghan Yoho

Group Description: Some social situations can be easy to navigate, but at times, they are more complex, and knowing what to say or do isn’t straightforward. These groups are designed to give girls the tools to be more successful in the tougher social situations in which they find themselves.
Through games, activities, and discussion, we will help girls understand important social concepts, learn how to develop and maintain positive relationships, and build self-confidence.


Starting in 2024 at our Southpark location with Ms. Kate Montgomery.

  • Early Elementary School (K-2nd) – every other Tuesday at 5:00pm
  • Middle School (6th-8th) – every other Tuesday at 5:00pm
  • **Groups meet on alternating weeks. Early Elementary begins on Tuesday, October 3, and Middle School begins on Tuesday, October 10.**

Group Description: Sibshops acknowledge that being a sibling of a person with high needs has unique concerns and opportunities. At Sibshops, siblings will: meet other siblings, have fun, talk with others who “get it” about the good (and sometimes not so good!) parts of having a sib with high needs, and learn more about dis(Abilities).


Starting December 13, 2023, from 7-8pm at our Southpark Location with Dr. Samantha Martinez and Mr. Nick Mann
Individuals 18 and older who have experienced the death of a family member.

Each group cycle is 8-weeks long. The first 8-week group cycle will begin 12/13/2023, after eight weeks the group will have one week off, and the next 8-week group cycle will begin.

Interested individuals are encouraged to reach out at any time to learn more about joining the next available 8-week group cycle.

Group Description: This group offers a supportive environment for individuals with similar experiences to find meaning and community amid loss. If you are reading this living with loss is not a new experience for you but doing it in a safe space as others bear witness to your experience, might be. Samantha and Nick invite you to join them on this path of discovery.