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What kind of clients do you see?

Our tagline is “Psychology for All” and we mean that. We see young children, school-age kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, couples and families. We see people who have emotional or behavioral struggles. We also see people who want to be peak performers in school, business, or sports. With over 30 therapists and various additional support staff (like a certified yoga instructor), we cover a full range of specialties.

What kind of services do you offer?

We provide therapy for individuals, groups, couples, and families. We do assessments for children, teens, and adults. We provide consultation and coaching for parents or others who need expert input. We also provide speakers for meetings and organizations. Our other specialty brands help people improve in key areas of their lives, like learning, sleep, athletics, etc.

Do you accept insurance?

We are out of network on all insurance. That doesn’t mean that your insurance won’t cover some of your expenses at Southeast Psych. Call your insurance provider to find out what they do cover for psychological treatment or testing. We’d be happy to file for out of network benefits for you- you may receive some reimbursement for out of network benefits. In layman’s terms – you show up – you pay your bill – we file with your insurance – they send you a refund in whatever amount they cover.

How much do you cost?

Ah, the magical money question. We really wish that good care didn’t boil down to finances. Then again, we really like feeding our kids and having things like running water. Here’s the deal. Every clinician in the office is technically a private contractor, meaning they work for themselves. They set their own hours. They set they own prices. So, every clinician has a different fee per hour for therapy. These fees may change a bit if you need a little more or a little less than an hour. Typically, an initial assessment costs an average of $250. After that, most sessions cost around $200 an hour. But every provider is different. Talk to your intake coordinator and ask questions! Good mental health is priceless. If money is a concern, be honest with our intake coordinators and with your therapist. It may be that you can work something out with the timing or spacing of your appointments or we refer you to a good therapist who works on a sliding scale.

What makes your practice different than others?

To be honest, there are other good practices in town with some excellent therapists. We don’t feel competitive with them because we believe our biggest challenge is not having to scrap with other practices or solo providers for clients, but getting the word out to prospective clients that psychology really does enhance people’s lives. Therapy, assessment, and consultation services can be awesome things that can improve the quality of life for many people.

A big way our practice differs from others is the special experience from the moment you walk in the door. We have a bookstore. We have big screen TVs in our waiting areas. There is a hangout room with movies, video games, puzzles, toys and other fun stuff. The staff is friendly and helpful. The place feels fun and positive. When we have clients showing up a half-hour early just to enjoy being here, we know we are doing something right.

How do I find the right therapist for me or my child?

There are at least four ways to find the right therapist match for you or a loved one. First, we would encourage you to ask around. Ask friends who have seen therapists, people who know what is going on in the community, clergy, guidance counselors, teachers, managers, and others. When you hear the same name more than once, there’s a good chance that therapist may be a good option for you. Second, check out bios on the website. Most practices, including ours, have short bios of the therapists that describe their education, training, and specialty areas. See who seems to match your situation and needs the best. Third, if you are not sure, you can always call our office, describe your situation briefly, then let our staff make recommendations to you. They know our therapists and have a good sense of who might fit you best. Finally, many of our therapists offer a 15-minute “meet and greet” where you can get a sense of his or her personality and style with no cost and no commitment.

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