Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Quarter Life

Quarter Life is a skills-based approach to help young guys (14-29 year olds) overcome the challenges that accompany the transition into independence and adulthood.
Rooted in the latest research in adulthood, mental health, and college success, Quarter Life is a fun and innovative program developed by experts in the field of psychology, mental health, and men.

What makes Quarter Life unique?  It’s not just therapists who like to work with young adult guys.


Quarter Life Model

  • Motivational Interviewing (connect with clients and identify areas they wish to change and challenging their ambivalence / resistance)
  • CBT (mental, emotional, and behavioral tools to change and enhance their life)
  • Positive Psychology (identify their strengths and what gives them meaning and purpose in life)


Quarter Life doesn’t focus exclusively on mental health problems.  It aims to strengthen social and emotional skills, adulting skills, professional and career development, goal setting and attainment, self-confidence, and relational satisfaction.  We tackle the whole person to develop and strengthen the tools necessary for a happy, meaningful life.


  1. Monthly Newsletter – sign up for the Quarter Life newsletter.
  2. Individual Therapy – private, one-on-one time to work on individual struggles and develop tools and strategies.
  3. Group Therapy – connect guys with others who are facing similar challenges.  Group therapy helps normalize people’s struggles while also increasing accountability and social interaction.
  4. Free parenting support groups – connects parents with one another who are facing similar challenges and frustrations with their kids.  Parent support groups are free of cost and provide a place for parents to find their voice and process their experience while developing effective approaches to parenting their young adult.  It’s an ongoing, open group that meets monthly and no RSVP is required.
  5. College Success Workshop – a half-day workshop designed to equip young college students with the tools needed to successfully navigate the college experience.
  6. Consultation – Our Quarter Life team regularly speaks to schools, churches, businesses, groups, and organizations.  Interested in having someone come speak to your community?  Contact us!

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