Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Rest Assured

Rest Assured is a team of doctoral level psychologists who are passionate about improving people’s quality of life through better sleep. We understand how poor sleep can be devastating, disruptive, and debilitating.

Rest Assured Services

The Gift of Sleep

A package deal available for purchase as a gift for parents. Package includes two 50 minute sessions, and 3 follow up phone consults with a doctoral level psychologist specialized in pediatric behavioral sleep medicine

Insomnia: Evaluation & Treatment

Insomnia is a condition in which an individual experiences chronic challenges with sleep quality and/or quantity despite adequate sleep opportunity. Insomnia can present as difficulty with sleep onset, difficulty with sleep maintenance, dependence upon medication for sleep onset, and waking up not feeling refreshed. Insomnia treatment involves cognitive approaches, behavioral interventions, and adaptation of sleep conditions to optimize sleep.

Circadian Rhythm Disorder Evaluation & Treatment

Circadian rhythm disorders are sleep disorders related to the timing of sleep relative to the demands of an individual’s schedule. Delayed circadian rhythm occurs when a person struggles to fall asleep within a reasonable time, but would be able to sleep well if they were allowed to sleep later each morning. Advanced circadian rhythm occurs when an individual is falling asleep and waking much earlier than would be desired.

Shift work sleep disorder occurs when an individual works a shift that is very different than their naturally occurring sleep schedule. Free-running circadian rhythm occurs when a person has no internal sleep/wake schedule. Circadian rhythm diagnosis and treatment incorporates multiple methods to entrain the brain to the desired sleep schedule. Actigraphy may be utilized to adequately diagnose circadian rhythm disorder and test the efficacy of response to the new schedule.


What is Actigraphy? Actigraphy consists of a small device, approximately the size of a wristwatch, which can be placed on the wrist or ankle at night. It records motor activity and light exposure, and the information is down-loaded to software that uses algorithms to convert raw data to sleep wake estimates.

Actigraphy has been specifically validated with both insomniac populations and circadian rhythm disorders, and has been found to have concurrent validity with polysomnography (standard sleep study) for number of awakenings after sleep onset, amount of wake time after sleep onset, sleep efficiency, and total sleep time.

PAP Adherence

Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) is a common treatment approach for obstructive sleep apnea. It consists of a mask fitted to the face, which is connecting to an air pressure generator. Although this is one of the most effective treatments for obstructive apnea, adjustment to treatment can be very challenging. PAP refusal can be addressed through graduated extinction aimed at reducing fear and discomfort regarding-PAP machines. Adherence coaching is performed through downloading data from PAP machine and working through barriers. We create treatment goals and make momentum toward optimal utilization.

Pediatric Sleep: Evaluation & Treatment

The most common pediatric sleep disorders are bedtime resistance, sleep onset association disorder, and parasomnias. Evaluation includes interview with parents and child, and review of existing behavior pattern. Family will work to create a desired sleep schedule and behavioral plan, and will utilize the plan to enable child to sleep well. Although it is normal for children to have periodic awakenings at night, it is not normal for them to routinely require parental intervention to go back to sleep.