Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Join us May 14 for our virtual Spring Conference! Click here for more details.

Learning Assessments

Comprehensive Evaluation/Assessment

The process starts with an initial 45-50 minute appointment (parent only for minors). During this session, the testing clinician will gather relevant educational and/or developmental information. If you have done previous testing then the clinician may look it over to determine if results are applicable to this assessment.

The clinician will determine the amount of testing that will best serve your needs. This
establishes the cost and time required. The process would be either:

a) Hourly Testing- 5 hours of testing or fewer
1. $250- initial appointment
2. $350- hourly testing; up to 5 hours of testing
3. $250- follow up appointment to go over the test results
b) Comprehensive Testing- 6 hours of testing
1. All inclusive package- initial appointment, testing, report writing, and the feedback session for a total of $2,600
2. Testing usually includes IQ, attention, behavior & achievement
3. Full evaluation normally takes at least 1 month
4. Testing usually requires multiple sessions to complete

Please note that payment is due at the time testing is scheduled.

Information regarding insurance:

Insurance may not cover testing if your insurance company considers it to be educational
rather than behavioral. We urge you to call your Insurance Company and ask what your out-of-network benefits are for out-of-network psychological testing. Also ask what your coverage would be for a 96136, 96137, 96130, 96137 billing codes and if there are any per-authorization requirements.

If you have completed the intake process and have received scheduling approval from a testing clinician, please download, sign, and return the following form to indicate your understanding that you are responsible for payment in full at the time the evaluation is scheduled.